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The Marvine Dutch Gap Little League

 Scranton, PA   

2006 OFFICERS    President:   Bill Zielinski      Vice President – Girl’s Softball:   Pat O’Malley      Vice President – Boy’s Baseball:         Secretary:   Susan Notarianni       Treasurer:   Kathy Zielinski      Player Agent:  Eric Myers      Safety Officer:    Maureen O’Malley      Information Officer:       

Any of the above officers can be reached by e-mailing


Marvine Dutch Gap Little League



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Current Events

Schedules, Meetings, Sign Ups & More

All board members, directors and parents, please let  know what’s going  so this page can be updated.

Martin  Nonnenberg 3 Point Shoot Out
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All Stars: Team Photos

Area Leagues:  Links to Leagues in our area including Weston Park Junior/Senior League

Base Ball Camp:  (new)  For more information, (Click Here)

Farm League Team Photos: As far back as the 1960's

Little Leagues around the World: Links to Little Leagues around the World

OPENING DAY 1998: Photos

OPENING DAY 2001:  In honor of Martin E. Nonnenberg 

Our Sponsors:  We appreciate your support

Pictures from the Past: Do you know who these guys are?

Senior League: Boys and Girls Team Photos

Tee Ball: Team Photos

The A's: Team Photos

The Girls: Team Photos

The Phillies:Team Photos

The Pirates: Team Photos

The Yankees: Team Photos - Sports Information and more.










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